Thursday, December 3, 2015

You know you're an obsessive fly tyer when...

  My fly tying is erratic in it's frequency and all too often when I get in the mood the first thing I need to do is dust off  the bench. When I finally do get back into the hackle all other thoughts are pushed to the background, allowing full concentration on my compulsion, only coming up for air long enough to pour another coffee and search the web for patterns and materials. Really...I think a prerequisite for fly fishing and tying is a touch of OCD! So...after a tying marathon the other day an absurd idea hit me out of the blue, a David Letterman style top 10 list of our dysfunction. Here are my thoughts...

Top 10 reasons you know you're an obsessive fly tyer:

#10   You regularly hold up traffic to check on the condition of road kill.

#9     Cozy up to local zoo animals to "inspect" exotic fur and feathers.

#8     Feel appropriate topic for discussion at a party is "herl is not vomit".

#7     Made it onto Audubon's top 10 most wanted list.

#6     Kid's Christmas stocking stuffers were hackle pliers.

#5     Banned from further church socials after heated argument about boobies.

#4     Local fly shop owner's kids send you Christmas cards from college.

#3     Wife's chinchilla coat is suddenly "moth eaten".

#2     Spent a week hunting down Steven Tyler's hair stylist.

And the number one reason you know you're an obsessive fly tyer is....

Fourth anniversary is chenille right? Right?

My homage to fellow OCD sufferer and fly tying wizard Pat Cohen at superfly 
Please feel free to add to this list. Leave a comment.

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