Thursday, December 31, 2015

Tying the Diamond Wing Emerald Shiner

  As mentioned before, I've been adapting some of favorite ties for use through the ice. Normally I don't name the original things that come off my vise, but the pattern works great, is really easy to tie, and the name sounds kind of catchy for posting on this blog. So...without any more fanfare...
 the Diamond Wing Emerald Shiner

What you'll need:
  • small bare jig hook.
  • small finishing nail
  • 8/0 thread
  • .020 lead wire
  • Diamond Wing Fiber in: UV pearl, chartreuse, and peacock green
  • .25" 3D holographic eyes
  • 5 min. epoxy                                                                                                                                  

1.  Place jig hook upside down in vise, cover shank with even wraps of thread and then tie on the finishing nail with half it's length extending beyond the 90 degree bend.

2.  Wind thread back to hook bend and tie in lead wire. Wrap lead forward with even wraps and secure wraps with overlapping wraps of thread. Return thread to front.

3.  Select a small bunch of pearl Diamond Wing Fiber (DWF) and tie in using 2 wraps of thread leaving 60% of the DWF overhanging the nail head.

4.  Fold the forward facing material back and tie down. Remove hook from vise and place back in with hook eye facing up.

5.  Tie in another, slightly smaller bunch of pearl DWF in the same way as in steps 3 & 4. NOTE: for a larger profile use 4 wraps of thread to catch the fibers, fold back and do not tie down. the next bunch will be tied in slightly farther forward.

6.  Repeat steps 3 & 4  with the chartreuse and then the peacock green DWF. Tie off thread and add a drop of head cement.

7.  Stroke the fibers back, gently pulling any stray or loose fibers out. Trim final profile.

8.  Apply 5 minute epoxy to 3D eyes and affix to fly just ahead of hook bend.

  Tied on a normal hook without the lead, this fly is nearly weightless, sinks slowly, pulsates on the pause and darts on the strip. I'm hoping this weighted version will have the same attractive properties while fishing it vertically. Here's another version tied with Polar Fiber.

   Many who know me understand I'm not a big fan of tying knots, especially when it's -20 out, and you can clearly see in the above photo my solution to "quick changes". I originally started to use these spring clips for fly fishing everything but dry flys, but quickly realized they were useful in preventing frozen fingers while fishing through the ice and lately started using them on my ultra lite spinning gear during open water. I think I  only tied one knot throughout the entire ice fishing season last year!  

   Finally...I picked up a stack of old magazines at a lawn sale last spring and finally got around to digitizing some of the more entertaining pages.
Wow....things have really changed!


  1. I remember those tackle ads.
    Happy New Year

    1. Thanks Alan.
      I wonder if it's too late to place an order.
      Happy New Year

  2. That's an amazing fly as well as jig. And let's see some more of those old ads! I love it. Happy New Year buddy.

    1. Thanks Howard.
      Every page from those mags has something on it that just makes you shake your head in wonderment.
      Happy New Year man.