Monday, December 28, 2015

Summer's over...put on the parka

  It appears Toronto's longest, coldest summer in recorded history is about to come to a close just a few days short of the new year with the weather prophets flooding local media with doom and gloom in the form of a sever winter storm warning. In typical fashion (frenzied), the terrified population has packed away the shorts and tees, found the down and fleece, put the "snows" on the family car and stocked up on essentials: road salt, food and booze.

  As for me... I'll hunker down in my lair for a few days watching the IIHF Word Junior Hockey tournament from the tying bench until it's safe to poke my head above ground. A few days ago Tackle Shop suggested I modify a few of my recent patterns for a vertical presentation through the ice. An interesting challenge, but who can say there will even be safe ice on the lakes this year the way the weather's been.

   At  1.5" long, I'm certain these will work on all species through the ice with the exception of those that inhabit the depths (lake trout, whitefish and burbot) only because of their weight. I'm considering an extended head beyond the dumbbell eyes by tying in a small finishing nail at the hook bend. Besides giving it a more "realistic" profile (which probably appeals more to the tyer than the fish), it will likely add more action by changing the balance. More to come...provided we survive.

Happy New Year Everyone 

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  1. If it's ice you're looking for my friend, you need only drive to Colorado! I'm still trying to defrost my dog from the metal clothes pole.