Sunday, January 25, 2015


Cooks Bay at the foot of Gilford Rd. this isn't a real update.
Allow me to explain and I believe you will understand my long absences from the "blogosphere".
Aside from the regular rollercoaster ride that constitutes my life, I've come to realise that what I do probably isn't all that interesting, particularly when it's the same thing every week, and reporting a "blow by blow" account of the "same old, same old" has become tedious, Sorry to all those who might have been entertained, I'll try to be better in the future.

 I have had some interesting experiences in the past year;out and about in Tackleshop"s boat, an entire ice season, new acquaintances and a few new local honey holes, but as far as a true update, I'm only going back a few weeks.

 This winter has been a blessing compared to the POLAR VORTEX from last year, of course the down side was that there was no safe ice to fish until after new years, Another notable difference being the quality of our catch.
Looking out from Port Bolster
 The first trip out on the ice was a bit of a pleasant surprise. Casey's Ice Huts in Port Bolster had an opening day promotion where a limited few could sign up for a free day's rental. The weather and location conspired to make fishing difficult but everyone had a great time and managed enough perch for a light meal.

Our first day out on Cooks bay with newcomer Paul started out slow until Rob from Gilford Yellow Huts moved the ice hut just a bit to the left, from 10 to 14 fow. What a difference 50ft makes! At the end of the day the three of us brought home two dozen perch weighing more than 30lbs!
Paul's bonus bass was released 
 Anyways,,, what can you say about Rob other than that he's a class act and goes out of his way to ensure his customers have a safe and fun day out on Lake Simcoe. Last week four of us decided not to rent and Rob taxied us a mile out anyways.

The Russian's Muskie...or Do Ice Castles Have Dungeons?

 About this time last year the Russian and I were searching for something different and came upon an internet posting about crappies through the ice on Lake Scugog. The plan was to drive to Port Perry and walk out onto the lake but old man winter had something to say about that with -20C temperatures, gale force winds and white out conditions. After some running around the guys at Causeway Bait and Tackle pointed us towards Scugog Ice Adventures and 30 minutes later we wetting our lines in unaccustomed opulence. 

 The hut was whats known as an ice bungalow with all the conveniences of a castle including an attached, heated crapper. The only problem was the obvious lack of crappies and all those nuisance, out of season muskies. 
 It's funny, the Russian's had numerous good fish on his line over the years and the first one he lands is not in season and caught on ultra ultra light equipment. It took close to 10 minutes to rescue the fish from the dungeon and in the end returned to the lake with no ill effects.
 Good one buddy!

Anyways...that's all for now.