Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blast From The Past

 Well...I've been busy upgrading the site, trying to tweek it here and there adding a You Tube link, weekly questionnaire, virtual fish pond, and a link to my online photo album. Just double click on any photo. To access videos, click on the darker images at the bottom of the gallery view, or when you're in the album, click on john a photos in the upper right corner & then choose the movies album.

    I went out with a friend today to the Rouge R. and Scarborough Bluffs. There's not much happening in the river but the harbor was full of browns and the occasional scraggly salmon. We were only out for a few hours and didn't catch any thing, but the rain held off and it was a really nice day. There'll probably not be too many days like today left in the year, be thinking of ice soon.

   Todays outing reminded me of a similar situation 7yrs ago when the season was winding down and I wasn't ready to pack away the gear. Anyways, I dug through my files and found an old "posting" for you to enjoy.


So... that was 7yrs ago. 
Many things have changed - salmon are no longer a mystery.
Many more things stay the same - I'll soon be in Barrie before the freeze for perch.

Thats all for now. I'll make more improvements and look for more interesting things to share.
See ya


Sunday, October 24, 2010


Red Fisher
  OK... so this is my first real attempt at social networking.

As a young fishing enthusiast, the only mass media available to me was the Red Fisher Show. For it's time it was everything you could ever want in an outdoors show. Thank you Red, and sorry for the slander.

40 years later, I've realised my own need to show off my experiences,
and this is the media I chose to abuse. In future posts, I hope to instill the same awe in my audience that Red so easily did with slick imagery and editing, witty commentary, and general fishing knowledge.

 To start off, I thought I might share some of my favorite pics from the last year.

Six Mile Lake


Rosedale Dawn

Over the years I've come to realize that fishing is more than just casting a lure. It's about spending
quality time outdoors with family and friends, searching out those amazing places in our own backyards.

This posting took the better part of the day to compose, what with all my problems with layout and
formatting (I have my own areas of computer expertise as you will see). I hope to simplify the process and produce a superior product in the future.

See ya soon