Saturday, July 2, 2011

I'm Back

  Yes...that's right, I'm back. At least for a quick update on what's been going on in the last month First off I'd like to wish everyone a happy Canada Day, Independence Day or summer. The reason I've been away is that I've moved closer to work, trading a 250 mile weekly commute on public transit for a 5 mile bicycle ride. The downfall is that the place is a dump with basic cable (30 channels), a broken fridge that cost me $150 in groceries and worst of all... no internet! This post is courtesy of my neighbor and his mobile stick. Oh yeah, TS, I broke my phone yesterday out of sheer frustration. I'm still on for getting out on Sunday.

   Tackle Shop and I have been getting out every weekend, usually to the south Simcoe area, and hitting a few sales along the way. The highlight of the month for me was adding species #25 to my list of fish caught on the fly; an 8" golden shiner several weeks ago. On the same day we dropped in on an antique tackle show & sale in Barrie where I picked up several old fly boxes at $5 each. It turned out they were all full, so along with the boxes I got about 200 flys!
8" golden shiner

$35 haul
   Tackle Shop had some excellent outings in June. One Sunday several weeks ago he was the bassmaster, catching several dozen largemouth, many in the 4 to 5 pound range. In order to keep up with him last week I ditched the fly rod in favor of  my ultralite spinning outfit. He still beat me in the numbers game (using bait) but I caught the largest bass of the day at about 3.5 Lbs. The highlight of the month for him was his first ever bowfin that same day!
Never believe them when they say your bait is too big!

Tackle Shop's first bowfin
  Well... that's about all I have to report for now. My search for better digs will continue between work and fishing. I might consider buying one of these mobile internet sticks, but until then my posts are likely to be few and far between
Cooks Bay, Lake Simcoe


  1. Welcome back buddy.

    That golden shiner...... brown trout candy.

    The beadhead fly third photo up from the bottom looks good.
    Does it have a name?

  2. Should be at your place at about 4:30 am. Stupid Russian and Treefrog should be coming as well.
    If you get this try to let me know

  3. Welcome back John, Good tosee you blogging, Sorry the digs are not to your likeing, But i know you will find somwhere great soon,
    Well done on Tackle Shop's first bowfin, And those boxes of Fly's are a great find, Would cost a fortune and a lot of time to tie them yourself,
    Great to hear from you,
    All the best,

  4. I was wondering what you had been up to, guess now I know. Hope you get settled in somewhere that you feel at home with, soon. Good to see you still getting some fishing in, too!

  5. Good to see something from you, John! I have been wondering where you've been!

  6. Great group of photos. Really dig the dragon fly pics. Welcome back! Tight Lines

  7. Jesus, get your shit together... I miss the reports