Friday, November 26, 2010

Far & Away

 It's a pretty sorry statement when I say that if I'm not out fishing, then I'm sitting inside staring mindlessly at WFN or surfing the internet. Don't get me wrong, I think WFN is the greatest thing since artificial bait, but it's a poor substitute for getting out and doing the real thing. I got up today with no set plans other than not to turn on the tube, so with that in mind, I've decided to give some updates on what my friends have been doing lately. Dare I say I'm jealous?
 Rambo & The Roofer

 I've only just met the Roofer, but his reputation for wild fishing adventures and general craziness well preceded our meeting. It has become ritual with him to make the long pilgrimage every fall to Cochrane in Ontario's far northeast, to indulge himself in a week of nonstop fishing action and unrestricted mass consumption (you figure that one out yourself).

Beaver Float Plane
  This was the first year that Rambo was to accompany the Roofer on his trip, so the planning started 6 months before the departure date, only to have something come up at the last minute. On the last week of Aug., two weeks earlier than expected, they hurriedly packed up the car and headed off to North Bay where a Beaver float plane waited for the final leg of their journey into the wilderness.

 I've only gone on one fly in and everything was out of season, so we spent a long weekend drinking and shooting (in retrospect, not very smart), so I can't imagine spending a week in a place where you could fish the whole time without ever having to change your lure. This was the case with R & R, I don't know if they are exagerating, but I'm told they only used 3 lures all week long, catching pike and walleye one after another!
The Roofer

 The poor guys settle into a daily routine of fishing, steak for lunch, more fishing, fresh fish for dinner, still more fishing, and of course an unhealthy amount of beer liberally mixed in, and so on... for the next 7 days. 
Home Away From Home

On the seventh day "bad news" came in the form of a massive cold front that shut down the bite and grounded the Beaver. For another 4 days all they could do was hunker down in the cabin, wait out the weather, and try to conserve their rapidly dwindling supplies. The Roofer was fine but Rambo was running seriously low on smokes! 
 Eventually the rain let up and the Beaver shuttled them back to their car, slightly soggy, hung over, and stuffed to the gills with Northern Ontario's finest eats.

Thinking of a fly in? Check out:

Warning, this video contains questionable content.


A Russian In Timmins

 Ok, he's not really Russian but he does talk funny. Last year (his first in Canada) his brother-in-law and friends took him up to Timmins for some classic Canadian wilderness fishing. The stories he brought back instantly made me ask him if his bro. was thinking of adopting. Anyways... this year he was better prepared but only had a weekend off work (it gets in the way, doesn't it) so he was going for broke. The previous fall I'd introduced him to fly fishing so for this trip I set him up with a box of x-large streamers in the hope that he could accomplish something that has eluded me - getting a walleye on a fly.
Low Water

 Alas, this was not to be. When they arrived at camp the lake was over 3ft. lower than last year and the camp operator wouldn't allow the boats out for fear of running aground. It was starting to look a little dicey, travelling 800km in 18hrs in a crowded vehicle to be stuck with shore fishing! 

 But this is northern Ontario after all and the fish really don't care where you're from and to a lesser extent where you're casting from. The fish seem to be as accommodating as the people. In a short time the stringers were full  and dinner prepared.

The Brother-in-law  
The Russian, on The Far Right

 Any other time I would sympathise with someone cutting a good trip short, but damn it, I'm jealous! I should be the one there pulling in monster walleye and pike on every cast. I guess 4 days in Timmins is worth a couple months of local fishing.
Typical Timmins Days Catch

An Ontario Angler In Lotus Land

 I met Mark last year through another friend and quickly realised what an incredibly gifted person he is. Fully versed and adept in all angling disciplines, what really struck me is his insight into the fishing business and the "why didn't I think of that" invention - Booster Tails, a simple yet effective way of adding scent to any artificial bait. 

 Unfortunately, after only a few outings and before any creativity or abilities could rub off, Mark sought out greener business pastures. He traded bass, pike and walleye for trout, 4 season salmon and sturgeon in BC.
Fraser River Sturgeon
 Check out Booster Tails at: 

The Carp Bench Crew

 So, while some of my friends are off in "exotic" places in the province, I'm stuck in the city doing same old, same old. Not a problem really, my backyard is awesome and the inhabitants a never ending source of entertainment (myself included). When nothing else is happening, I know Fred & Barney are at the Carp Bench. I may not get out as often or as far as I would like, but I'm thankful for the good company!
Post Fishing Refreshmens

    Untill next time, keep your hooks sharp, lines tight and the beer cold!

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