Monday, November 8, 2010

Barrie Bonanza 2

 What a difference a week makes. Three degrees warmer, two companions instead of one, daylight savings time. All these things conspiring together to turn me into the zombie fisherman from hell.

 After a very short sleep due to the clock change this past weekend, I found myself on the Barrie waterfront again in pursuit of jumbo perch. On my first cast, I caught the largest thing of the day: a willow tree. Twenty minutes later, after re-tying a custom fluorocarbon drop shot rig, I caught a nice 10" perch, followed by the second largest thing on my third cast; a dock. All the while my friends, having a good natured competition, have caught enough perch to feed a small army. Of course they had to enquire why I wasn't participating. My answer... "I'm after bigger things" 
Friendly Competition

 So... enough of this bait fishing thing, I'm getting frustrated re-tying every two casts. I put on a spinner and start working the water along the breakwall in hopes of intercepting something that's hungry, other than all the inanimate objects intent on emptying my tackle box. No such luck.

 An hour in and I've caught one perch, a dock, and two trees. I'm not normally a very dense person(at least not mentally), but sometimes it's surprising how long I will knock my head against the wall before I realise that it's better to be a spectator than a spectacle.

Kempenfelt Bay

 By now the "friendly" competition is heating up and there's more barbs flying than at a casting contest. 
"I'm five ahead of you"
"So, mine are bigger"
"It's not about size, it's about quantity. Any  
  ways, mine are prettier"
"Maybe... but you're not!

  and so on...

 I go for a walk and chat with our immediate neighbors. Nobody else is catching any trees or docks, but the perch are fairly accommodating.
The zombie fisherman from hell is making new friends who don't rub chum in his face when he's off a bit.  
The Marina at Sundown
 All things considered, it was a pretty good afternoon despite freezing my fingers(again) and putting on a show of gross incompetence to the  amusement of the entire Barrie waterfront area.

Looking forward to next weeks trip!


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