Friday, January 15, 2016

More Ice Flies

  So...winter has finally had a positive effect here in Southern Ontario, (other than keeping me indoors and at the tying bench), the local pot-hole lakes and smaller reservoirs are now covered  with enough ice to start taking the first careful steps toward vertical jigging.

  I have much more ice fishing tackle than is necessary as I'm a bit of a "tackle junkie", always having to buy the newest thing. The one positive point on this is the fact that every thing I might want to use can fit into one pocket of my flotation suit.

  This year I vowed to stay away from those gaudy retail trinkets and make my own using the tying bench and, more importantly, my imagination. So here are my latest.


  1. John, nice work.
    I like that last one.

    1. Thanks Alan
      It was an experiment that nearly failed. Tying hackle evenly top and bottom proved too difficult to repeat reliably with these "Fred Flintstone" fingers I've been blessed with.

  2. John, those flies almost make me want to get out and ice fish! Not really but those are some really nice looking flies. I think, tied on regular hooks that any of those flies would catch fish.

  3. Thanks Howard.
    I'd much prefer sitting on a bucket on a frozen lake, than at the tying bench.