Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dead Fisher's First Anniversary

363 days
76 posts
70 blogs followed
13,000 page views from all over the globe

   I had no real expectations one year ago other than being able to easily share a few videos and pictures with friends. It started with a suggestion from friend and fellow blogger David Hunter to use blogging as a vehicle for exposure. Tackle Shop and the rest of the "Dead Fisher Crew" have been a constant source of inspiration with their exploits, photos and story ideas. The reality is they are not part of MY crew...I am part of their's and am simply just the official chronicler.

  In the beginning it was difficult, trying to compose entertaining and informative posts to an invisible audience, never quite sure if they were being read and if so whom? Audience feedback in the form of comments took months to materialize but eventually appeared regularly after being added to a few follower's blogrolls and gaining further exposure from timely shout outs by avid supporters of "up and comers" like Blake at illinoiswisconsinfishing

  From my perspective, the bottom line is that without an audience this is just a self indulgent practice in mental masturbation. The upside is that I no longer keep a fishing log book and my addiction to fishing magazines is all but cured. Many of the blogs I regularly visit are written far more eloquently than any fishing rag with the photographic quality of National Geographic, and unsurpassed fly tying skills and imagination. Imagine... these talented people actually taking the time to read and comment on my humble offerings...sometimes I'm baffled, but most times I'm inspired by them to achieve.


  Now...a sadder topic has come to light with a comment left on my last post. I've always made a point of advising new anglers to always check the local fishing regulations for any given body of water as they vary considerably. I now find myself guilty of ignoring my own advice, and worse...guilty of poaching!

  All the major rivers in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) drainage area have extended seasons for trout and salmon so it never occurred to me to check out the regulations for Highland Creek. As it turns out I've been fishing illegally several miles north of the accepted boundary. Luckily I've suffered no repercussions yet except a bruised ego and slightly tarnished reputation but my biggest concern is the misleading information I've posted here and the possible legal implications I may have caused others. I humbly apologize for my major mistake and vow to check the veracity of any information in future postings.



  1. Thanks for doing what yer doing. Mike

  2. Hi John,
    This is a good write up as you not only thank everyone that reads your blog, But you remind us all how easy it is to take for granted the things we do, And we are all guilty of making mistakes, This just proves that we are human after all,
    You have to put it behind you now and we will all check our permits for boundary's,
    Good luck John,

  3. Congratulations. I always internally "rub my hands together in anticipation" when I see a new post. Looking forward to many more.

  4. Congratulations on your first year.
    I enjoyed your posts, and look forward to the next.

  5. I allmost forgot to say well done on your first year John, And for bringing a smile to your millions of readers,
    Here's to many more,

  6. John, congratulations on a very successful first year of blogging. I have really enjoyed my time on your blog learning and picking your brain for what I can. By the way, it takes quite a man to admit his wrong doing and then to take the responsibility to be accountable for it. Well done!

  7. Congrats on yr 1.

    And good for you for admitting the mistake. Its so easy to make one, especially with the way they write the regs for the Lake Ontario rivers.

  8. Congrats on the first year!

    I look forward to following along in year two. Keep up the good work!


  9. John,

    Congratulations on surviving year one! I've always been told that's the hardest part, so you're free and clear now!

    Everyone makes mistakes at different points in life - it's how one deals with it that matters. Good on you for taking the high road. That's an example all of us should follow.

    Craig R

  10. I have always wondered what it would be like living in Canada and what the fishing would be like. Thanks to all your great stories and posts I don't have to wonder anymore :) Great Pics and writing of your adventures. I really look forward to each post. I feel your pain with regulations and such...I ask the DNR and can't get a straight answer from anyone. If they don't even know how the hell are we supposed to?? Keep up the sweet posts. Tight Lines.

  11. Time flies when we are having fun, dosent it? I've enjoyed following along and take much enjoyment from the posts so far. Here's to another great year!

    And so you poached a salmon. Now you know. You don't know what you don't know til know, you know?

  12. John
    Congrats on reaching the milestones you have achieved. Your blog is one of my favorties, becasue I can relate to all your post. I also look forward to your amazing images you share on each post. Thanks for sharing with all of us bloggers your unique perspective on the sport we all love "Fishing"!!!

  13. John,

    congratulations on your first anniversary and heres to many more years of Deadfisher blogging.

    I have enjoyed reading your blog a lot and it is very clear to me that you are very passionate,that coupled with some wonderful tales and photographs has really helped enlighten someone from across the pond like myself,as to what some of the fishing is like in Canada.

    Regarding your mistake,you took the right action in being honest. It takes a big person to do such a thing,to err is human.

    Kind Regards

  14. Brother of the hooks, John:
    Recognize a mistake, apologize and be honest demonstrate rectified.
    Successes with the Blog!.
    Happy Anniversary!.
    From Corrientes, Argentina,
    A giant hug ...
    An affectionate sapukay .-

  15. well done mate keep up the great work heres to another year

  16. Congratulations on year #1.

    It's easy to get one's self into deep crap when fishing and I don't mean just under your feet.

    I was very fortunate when I first moved to New Brunswick from Ontario.

    Her in NB most of the year Atlantic salmon fishing is fly fishing only. The thing is those rivers still have lots of brook trout so I thought it would be okay if I was only fishing trout.

    Fortunately for me another fly fisher arrived and warned me that I could be in for a world of trouble if I were caught here with a spinning rod.

    Very stiff fines for that mistake.