Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Weekend At Last, 1

 Here I am sitting in my chair, looking at the sun rising over the city and reflecting over the last week. Tackle Shop is in the gas chamber upstairs getting ready for a return visit to "you know where". So... while I have a few minutes, I thought I'd catch you all up on my first full week of work.

  I opened up the factory on Sunday night an hour before the start of the shift to get things prepared for my new crew. I could see right away the company was throwing me curve balls as a quarter of the jobs running were new to me and there was no paper trail leading back to the quality and production reports. That first night could be summed up as chaotic. The work got done with no mistakes but I'll be honest, I felt like a rookie.

  As the week progressed things settled down and we slowly came together as a team. The last day of my work week, Friday morning, was also payday. What a joy it was to see that first full pay check. More money made in 4 days than what welfare gives for a full month! I'd say it's time to indulge.

  Early Friday afternoon saw Tackle Shop and myself travel up to Bass Pro Shop in search of a non existent clearance item. It wasn't a wasted trip though, it never is as there's always something that catches your eye. In this case it was just some jigs. On the way home we stopped at a Canadian Tire store where neither of us could resist purchasing a Berkley Lightning Rod  2 pack of  ice fishing rods, one medium action and the other light. The rods are beautiful but the reels feel a bit stiff and the drags aren't that smooth. Oh well, by next payday that clearance item will be available, a quality Pfleuger reel at half price! Might look nice on a Lightning Rod.
New Lightning Rods


  1. Looks good to me, John. You know us angler can never have enough "Stuff". Anyway, my wife says I have a lot of stuff!

  2. True enough Mel. Whenever I upgrade or go on a tackle "blitz" I always pass along the leftovers to the needy, up and coming enthusiests to promote the activity.