Thursday, December 16, 2010

Extreme Ice Fishing

 The other day I posted about extreme ice fishing and the lengths some of us will go to get the big one. I've endured many extreme days weather wise, and even went for a partial dunking once a few years ago, but these guys are absolutely crazy! They're obviously Scandanavian and most likely have a sauna on shore, but really?
 Hoping to get out this weekend, just not in this way!


  1. That was funny. I can't even put my hand in ice water for any length of time. I would be dead in about 30 seconds under that water. Brrrr

    That's a nice size pike, never had one that big before.

    I watched to see the gill plate move but didn't so I am guessing it had already died before he went under the water with it. :)

    We used to ice fish Lake Simcoe Ontario many years ago and would get all drunked up and fly around the lake in our underwear on snowmobiles.

  2. Thanks for dropping by James.
    Apparently the pike was "bushwacking" beside a log when the swimmer grabbed him. And yes, they still do that on Simcoe, but some don't come back.